Stop Women Abusing Violence Laws


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The sound of the handcuffs ratcheting closed on me was a sound I will never forget. I was dumbfounded: I was being arrested in my own home! Even now, nearly a year later, it still seems surreal: after months of my desperately trying to hold my marriage together in the face of constant brinkmanship and provocations, I was arrested and charged with felony domestic battery. Domestic violence is a tragedy that happens far too frequently in America, but the flip side of that coin is an ever-increasing number of cases of a new kind of domestic violence arrests: women who make exaggerated, and even outright false, accusations in order to get their man hauled off in handcuffs. Educated women have learned that DV accusations are potent weapons in their divorceand child custody efforts. As I would learn over the next several months, I was guilty until proven innocent even while paying child support, spousal maintenance, and thousands in legal and court fees, while I suffered under no-contact and restraining orders based on hearsay and outright lies.

As I was being evicted from the apartment I provided for my wife and our daughter in February 2010, through no fault of my own, a domestic confrontation quickly turned ugly: I informed my wife that I was evicting her and taking our child to safety; she struck me when I tried to take her key and I struck her back, so I took documentation of her crimes and locked it in my car. When I came back in, she was on the phone with 911. I welcomed the police into my home when they arrived but I suffered a botched and improper arrest for domestic battery, and nine months later I accepted a plea bargain to avoid the [strong] possibility of jail time. In hindsight, I should have taken the case to trial rather than plea bargain but as the old saying goes, hindsight is 20/20. And unfortunately for me, Indiana prosecutes domestic battery cases among the most aggressively in the nation so I was fed into a meat grinder; I’m now on probation for a year and a half and I’m unable to secure employment or decent housing because of my tainted background record. While I am shut out of tens of thousands of dollars in joint marital assets, I’m now trying to get food stamps, rent assistance and unemployment to survive.

In my anger management  classes, which all battery felons and misdemeanors are required to attend, I’ve discerned a common thread in all of the stories of the men in my group, which I’ll reveal in future posts. I’ll also address the money trail I’ve uncovered which feeds the machinery of ever-increasing government bureaucracy and police power which is consuming low-income black families and is now encroaching on middle-class men of all races. Momentum is growing to correct blatant racism and gross injustices in a legal system which views fathers as nothing more than a checkbook with a man attached. It’s time to turn the tide of womens’ abuse of domestic violence laws.

Written by SWAVL

2011/01/05 at 06:04

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